Modernize Your Internal Comms

Automated, relevant conversations that benefit your business

Customize your matching algorithm to your organization

Jam allows you to connect employees across the variables that matter most to your organization. Tenure, office, skill-sets, and more can be incorporated into your matching algorithm to make sure employees receive the most relevant and useful connections.

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Keep Your IT Happy—No Integrations Needed.

Jam is a customized, standalone solution, that lays on top of your calendar system. No integrations are required meaning faster implementation, no security risk, and user experience that your employees are already familiar with.

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Quantify value with monthly Jam reports

Jam gives business leaders insight to the value of new connections happening across the organization. From how many Jam Sessions, to which teams have the strongest connections, to what employees are learning.

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Learn how Jam works.

Navigate to your unique Jam Jar page

After customizing your matching algorithm, you'll receive a unique Jam Jar page. Employees navigate to this page to learn more about the tool and opt-in to start connecting.


Opt-in and tell Jam what connection would be most valuable

Take 4 minutes and opt-in by telling Jam who you are and the type of people you'd like access to.

Receive a Jam Session directly in your calendar

Once you opt-in, Jam's matching algorithm runs to find you the best possible match. Once found, your connection is scheduled directly into your calendar. No scrolling, no emails back and forth. A relevant connection right in your calendar.


Take 30 minutes to connect with your coworkers

This is where the magic happens. Unplug from your daily chaos and take advantage of an opportunity to learn from a colleague, get insight on a new project, talk about career growth, and connect on a human level.

Provide Feedback & Keep Jamming

Shortly after a Jam Session, employees provide feedback on the value of their connection. This feedback ties back into your matching algorithm and employees can expect to receive a new connection once a month.


Our Differentiators

Fully Customizable

Jam allows you to create an experience that is most relevant for your employee experience. No cookie-cutter solutions.

Calendar Oriented

Jam takes care of the matching and scheduling, all within your calendar, so employees already know how to use the tool.

No Integrations

Keep your IT team happy with Jam's standalone solution. We don't need any integrations nor sensitive data for Jam to work its magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to give us a shout!

What makes Jam unique? Can't I just build this internally?

It's quite often we talk with companies who have dabbled with some kind of connection tool they've built in-house. Often, that tool is manually maintained by someone, creates random connections, and has no mechanism to tracking effectiveness. With Jam, we work with you to customize the matches to make sure it is worth your employees' time, our tool seamlessly lives in your calendar, and we provide data reports so you know your resources are generating effective results.

Why use Jam?

We believe that all business is personal. Who we know, and what we know, not only dictates how satisfied we are with a job, but it also helps determine how good we are at our jobs. Unfortunately, given our growing dependencies on online-communication, it has become incredibly hard to build face-to-face, human connections. Jam wants to change that.

Not matter who you are at the company, deepening your knowledge of others and their business challenges will only increase your value to the company. Jam is the easiest way to do that.

How do connections work?

You tell us! When opting-in, you can tell Jam the type of connection you'd like. The variables that matter most to your organization—tenure, team, office, skill set, ect—can be incorporated into Jam's matching algorithm to make sure we are facilitating only the most relevant and valuable connections for your organization.

How often do Jam Sessions take place?

Jam defaults to 1 Jam Session per month. However, if you haven't caught on to our theme by now, we can customize that to whatever works best. For example, one of our clients opts for 1 Jam Session every two weeks.

What do I actually do on a Jam Session?

If you're in the office, feel free to grab coffee or lunch, or take a walk. If you're remote, use the video conference link we've set up for you in the calendar invite. Once face-to-face, have a conversation about whatever is most valuable to you. Jam sends along a few talking points that can get a conversation going, but remember, this is a double opt-in process. The people you're meeting with also want to be meeting with you. Leverage that and have a conversation that benefits you and those you work with.

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