A recommendation engine for coworker connections.

Jam recommends & schedules groups of employees for face-to-face conversations, and is designed to encourage knowledge sharing across departments & offices.

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Connecting with coworkers just got so much easier.

Jam helps you understand your social network within your company and then recommends & schedules face-to-face conversations that help you become better connected.

Your network, visualized

Jam is the first solution to visualize and index a company’s communication network, giving employees the power to become better connected with the press of a button.

See who is collaborating with who and the hidden opportunities.

Understand your strongest, and weakest, connections within the company.

Search the Jam Graph for the people or knowledge you need access to.

The connections you wished you had, Jam finds.

Employees tell Jam the types of connections that would be most valuable. Jam goes and then finds those people within the organization and sets up a face-to-face conversation.

Connect with employees based on departments, offices, or tenure.

Indicate the skill sets you wish you could learn from your colleagues.

Share some of the personal interests you're passionate about outside of work.

Face-to-face, human conversations

Based on preference & availability, Jam intelligently recommends & schedules face-to-face conversations between employees.

No searching or scrolling, based on your preferences, Jam recommends the best employees to connect with.

No awkward scheduling—automatically receive calendar invitations based on your availability.

When it comes time to connecting, Jam provides talking points that help drive more valuable conversations.

First-of-its-kind data

Jam pushes actionable data to help business leaders understand how more face-to-face conversations lead to better business outcomes.

See which employees are using Jam the most.

Pulse-surveys on how impactful Jam has been at driving better connection.

Visualize the lines of communication Jam is establishing across the organization.

What Jammers Are Saying

“Jam has really helped our team connect as humans. We have seen marked improvement in our employee engagement metrics since we started working with Jam. I'd recommend Jam to any leader who is struggling to retain great talent."
Amy Nelson
CEO, Venture For America
“Jam was incredibly easy to set up and our team has a ton of fun with it. We have a pretty tight team and I've been pleasantly surprised to see how meaningful non-work interactions can still be. It's the best and lightest-weight way I've seen to improve how happy and connected your team is.
Alex Persky-Stern
COO, Waymark
"Jam has been instrumental in making our dispersed team feel connected. The Jam sessions facilitate learning new things about colleagues I work alongside of every day, and also gives me an opportunity to hang out with someone I don't work with on a regular basis."
Ariel Petcher
Operations, Piano

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